Catering doesn't have to be boring, and it shouldn't be. Business owners Brian and Melissa Reilly have used this philosophy to create something different; a company that takes a fresh approach to the often stale catering market. Relying on skills honed in over 20 years of management, hospitality and special event services, the Reillys set out to create a fusion of fresh and interesting foods with artistic and engaging displays. The result was Cured Catering.
The Reilly Family at Brian & melissa Reilly's 2018 Wedding.

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The core of Cured Catering is great food, sourced locally and made from scratch. Coming from a background in live music production as well as food service, Reilly explains, “I approach each dish kind of like putting together a band, or writing a song. Each part needs to compliment the other and, with plenty of practice, you can form something unique and pretty awesome.” Cured starts with sourcing the best ingredients from local purveyors. They then tweak and transform each dish until it’s a perfect blend of downhome familiarity and undiscovered flavor combinations. Like music for your mouth.


Great food is a great start, but Cured doesn’t stop there. From hand-built displays to lighting and stage effects, Brian and Melissa are constantly building their collection of interesting and eye-catching presentation pieces.

“I look at each station as a stage,” says owner Brian Reilly. “I want each guest, as they walk into one of our events, to look over at our displays and know, before they even taste, that we are offering something more. Brides and grooms, event coordinators, even just home party planners, spend so much time on every detail of an event. Often the food is overlooked, or just placed as an afterthought. We want the food to be a focus. We want our guests to leave with lasting impressions, and pics on their phones to prove it.”
"I want each guest, as they walk into one of our events, to look over at our displays and know, before they even taste, that we are offering something more."


Family comes first at Cured Catering. Owners Brian and Melissa couldn’t do it without the help of their family and friends. The Reilly’s seven children, Camille, Jack, Tristan, Grayson, Josephine, Jocelyn and Harrison are often close behind in each step of the business. “We are really building it for them, and we can’t wait to see them grow with the family business. We hope to place it in their hands one day,” owner Melissa explains. It really takes a village, and often grandparents and siblings jump in to help in one way or another. “Many Cured recipes start as family traditions, and, just as we are serving you and creating memories, we are reminded of where these foods came from.”

Brian points out, “Our community is really an extension of our sense of family.” Cured Catering seeks to use and buy local as much as possible. A quick conversation with the Reilly’s at an event and you can often trace the food you are eating to the farm where it was grown or raised. “The Farmer’s Market, Country Market, Humphrey’s, MJ Kellner, Height Media, so many to mention. We support our friends and community and local business owners as much as possible.” The Reilly’s are also an active member of Local First Springfield and were recipients of the Scooter’s Lawn Care Social Change Maker Award for creating Staff Meals, a non-profit built to feed those out of work in the service industry as a result of the COVID pandemic.

For the Reillys, this work is their passion. They look forward to sharing it with you.
Jack Reilly helping this father, Brian, at an event Cured Catering was hired.
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